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School Bus Safety Tips

*Students should not be allowed to stand, walk, or wait in the danger zone. The danger zone is area 15 feet in front, sides, and back of the bus.

*Students should be at his or her designated bus stop 10 minutes before the scheduled pick up time. (It is not district policy to wait for late students)

*Students should be respectful, courteous, and polite to the driver and other students. If a student experiences a problem on the bus it should be disclosed to the bus driver.

*Students should use hand rails, find seats quickly, and remain seated during the entire ride on the school bus.

*Non-authorized adults will not be allowed to board the bus or wait in bus loading or drop off zones.

*It is the goal of the transportation department to provide the safest and most efficient transportation service possible for all of the students in our district. We recognize that we may not be able to meet every individual need but we strive to provide a service that accommodates as many students as possible.

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