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Tech News
Upgrades & Improvements

1. All teachers and staff that have a laptop will be required to turn inthe device at the end of the school year. All prinicpals have been notified of this requirement. In May the Tech Dept. will issue labels to the schools to identify the teacher's device and room number. All teachers and staff should turn in their laptop with a power adapter and laptop bag. The computers will be refreshed, meaning updated and repaired prior to the upcoming school year. The devices will be available for pick-up in the library once complete2. We have purchased (350) Microsoft Office 2019 Licenses. The Principals havr a list for each school with the names of those expected to receive Office 2019

3. We are hoping to lease teacher laptops on a three year life cycle.

4. Full integration with the new SIS using our current Single Sign-On (SSO). This will streamline account creations, learning platforms, and district resources. All of the commonly used applications and services will be centrally located within one online portal.

5. The district always has the safety of its students and employees in mind. We have added 34 cameras to the district in efforts to make our schools a safer place..

6. We have obtained Impero EdPro which gives all teachers the ability to monitor student activity online. Any teachers needing access or help please contact the IT Department.

7. We have transitioned all schools to new fire alarm systems. The new systems use cellular communicators which helps to decrease our phone service costs.

8. MCHS and WES have transitioned to VoIP phones successfully. The next school to upgrade will be MES.

9. All website, software, extension or device access requests should be submitted through the ticketing system. You must include your name, the type of request and the reason for the request.

10. The IT Department in conjunction with KnowBe4 will randomly send fake emails to test users on how to identify and act in regards to a potential phishing act. These emails are fake and do not possess any malicious content. If you have questions please contact the IT Dept.

11. We have integrated a Phishing Alert Button to Gmail. If a users suspects an email is malcious they can simply click the button and the email will be removed and sent to the IT Department.

12. The IT Department is more than happy to conduct any training on district technology tools and resources. Please reach out to schedule a training session.

Please understand this information is only to keep staff and the community up to date with the school districts technology improvements. The primary goal of the Marshall County School's Technology Department is to provide a safe and secure digital environment so that the district as a whole can promote learning and achievement.

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